Epilepsy is a condition arising from abnormal electrical activity of the brain causing involuntary and chaotic responses in the sensory, motor or autonomic function of the body. Combinations of motor, sensory and psychical events occurring as the result of occasional, sudden, rapid, local and excessive discharges of gray matter as defined by J. Hughlings Jackson. 2 unprovoked seizures more than 24 hours apart is required for a diagnosis of Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic disease and is treated medically and surgically.

At CNC, epilepsy is diagnosed using routine and prolonged EEG and treated with a goal of seizure control, patients are referred to expert neurosurgeons for surgical procedures for epilepsy including Vagus Nerve Stimulation and surgical treatment which may cure the disease in some cases. Here at CNC we coordinate care with surgical epilepsy centers to provide the best outcome for epilepsy.

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